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Let us help you identify the right steps to take, with the support and accountability to get the results you deserve

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Our Next Level Membership

Designed for ambitious business owners who want to create sustainable success in their business. It’s for those who want to have a framework that supports you take the best next steps to achieve your vision of success.

Leave behind the feelings of isolation that often come with running a business. Save time and achieve more by establishing the core foundations of great business operations.

Find focus by coming together with a group of members to raise your game together. Enjoy the camaraderie of a group committed to getting things done.
Share and learn tips, tricks and strategies for achieving sustainable growth.

Our aim is to provide support, practical tools, and guidance to ambitious business owners. We want you to cut through the clutter so you can achieve your business goals with clarity and confidence. By finding a strategic, direct route to meet your goals, we can work together to achieve your personal version of success.

Why Next Level?

We show you how. We’re not here to tell you what to do—we want to help you, step by step, discover how to achieve your goals.

We guide you on your way to making your ambitions a reality. We don’t want to hand over results; we want you to learn to make them happen. That’s why we offer comprehensive, timeless strategies that you can use again and again, no matter what level your business is at.

We focus on REAL Progress. This membership isn’t about the theory —it’s about the practical. We’re going to focus on real, pragmatic steps that you can take RIGHT NOW to build your way toward your goal.

Your Success Pathway

The success pathway will help you identify where you are in your business. It guide you to the relevant content and training that offers you the most benefit right now.

What’s Included?

For only £37pm you get access to:

Break-out Mastermind Session

Monthly collaborative sessions where you will meet with 4-5  fellow members, discuss a current challenge, gain clarity on your next step, and conquer what’s holding you back.

Guest Expert Masterclasses

A monthly opportunity to deep dive into one of the elements of the success pathway to gain practical advice and tips, from experts in their field, to keep you moving forward.

Private Community

A place for members to connect, engage, and support each other on their growth journey. This group will be the place to ask questions, share wins, share challenges, be held accountable.

Goal Setting & Accountability

An opportunity for you to step out of the day-to-day busy-ness, and focus on your plan. You’ll take time to review your past month & set your goals for the month ahead!

Ready To Join Us?

Choose the best plan that suits your needs.

Small business owners are the ones who dare—the ones who seek the freedom to pursue their passions, live their dreams, and take their destiny into their own hands.

And we’re here to help.

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Standard Membership

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Still On The Fence?

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions:

I've just started my business, is this membership for me?

The Next Level Membership is designed with established business owners in mind. However, if you’re just starting out and are 100% committed to building your business on the right core foundations, the membership can help you get there.

How do I access the membership?

Everything in our membership is accessible through our Member Hub. Once you join you’ll be given your personal log-in details. Our community is housed in our private Facebook group, and our regular interactions and engagement will take place there.

How can I ensure my success with the NEXT LEVEL Membership?

You need to be willing to show up and be an active member. The training videos, templates and resources are only a part of the benefits you’ll get from Next Level.

The rest come from connecting with other members and engaging in the sessions, group calls, and private community group. By actively participating you’re in the best place to ask the questions that matter to YOUR business and will help you bring YOU success.

Is there a minimum sign-up period?

No – you may cancel anytime. Just inform us that you would like to cancel 5 days prior to your next billing date in order to not be charged for that next billing period.

How does billing work?

There are two options. You can choose a monthly payment option of £37, or a yearly payment option of £370 (saving £74). If you choose the monthly option, your first payment will be due the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you chose the yearly payment, you will make a one-time payment and be set for the entire year.

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