LIVE Workshop for Entrepreneurs on the Verge of Burnout:

3 Simple Steps to Take Back
Of Your Business


Learn How to Set Your Business Up for Success 
So You Can Take Back Control, Increase Profits, and Finally
Have Freedom in Your Business.
Business operations strategist

In this FREE Workshop, you’ll learn:

1. The Importance of Planning and how to identify the RIGHT things to focus on so you can grow your business without the overwhelm.

2. How to Finally Manage Your Business—chances are you’re in business because you’re amazing at what you do, not because you’ve studied how businesses operate. In this workshop, I’m pulling back the curtain on exactly how to manage the business side of things.

3. The Essential Processes that every business needs in order to run efficiently. (Say buh-bye to reinventing the wheel every time you sit down to onboard a new client or welcome a new team member.)

4. Why Tracking Your Performance is Key to Success. After all, what good is all your hard work if you can’t be sure it’s working toward your big business goals?

5. How to Track Your Performance like a total pro so you can stop running your business on gut feelings and start relying on the facts instead. 

You can’t reach your goals if you’re not in control. 

Whether your goals are to scale your business, increase your profit margins, or be the kind of CEO who has the freedom to take a long weekend on a whim…

You can’t reach your business goals if you’re not in control. 

How do you know you’re not in control? 

You’re on the verge of burnout. You’re spending all your energy reinventing the wheel every day, you’re watching your profit margins shrink even though you’re bringing in consistent monthly revenue, and you’re wondering if all your hard work is actually paying off.

If that sounds like you, it’s time to hit the pause button so you can put the systems and structures in place to build a business that’s burnout-proof and primed to support you & your biggest goals. 

Join me in this FREE workshop to learn the 3 simple steps to structure your business for success so you can take back control and finally have freedom in your business. 

This Workshop is a Must-Attend if…

  • You’re bringing in consistent monthly revenue but you still feel like you’re spinning your wheels. 

  • You feel like you’ve hit a wall in your business. You’ve grown too fast, and you’re not sure you can keep scaling without totally burning out.  

  • You KNOW you need a better way to manage your business, but you don’t know where to start to put them in place. 

  • You’re willing to put in the work, take a good hard look around your business, identify what’s not working, and put systems in place to fix that. 

  • You’re genuinely excited about getting clear on where your business is at now and where you want to take it in the next 1, 3, and 5 years.

  • You want more freedom in your business and outside of it too. Hello, new creative projects and early afternoon clock-out times.

A Personal Invitation

Helen standing

Hi, I’m Helen – Incessant list-maker, coastline lover, mum to 2 boys, and your new Business Operations Mentor. 

Before I traded in my corporate heels for a pair of entrepreneur sweatpants, I spent 18 years optimizing the financial departments of multi-million dollar corporations including Procter and Gamble and GE. 

Which means I spent 18 years in the trenches of the corporate world learning how businesses work, what systems and processes they need to run efficiently, and which operations are absolutely essential to cutting costs and increasing profit. 

And in this free workshop, I’m dishing all my corporate operations know-how so you can take back your CEO control and set your business up for long-term success. Because you deserve a business that’ll support your biggest dreams. Lunch-hour stroll along the shore, anyone?

So, if you’re ready to ditch the “I’m in way over my head” feeling and learn how to easily increase profits, have more peace of mind, and take back control of your business, join me!

I can’t wait to slash the learning curve and get you set up on the path to an efficient business and a wildly successful year. 


Choose the time that best suits you and I’ll see you there.