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Growing Your Business Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

Running your own business is hard. It consumes all your time and can leave you questioning what would happen if you weren’t there to run things because nobody gets it like you. Not knowing where to turn to for help if you want to grow, can be frustrating and confusing. It’s not what you had in mind when you started!

Maybe you want financial freedom, have more free time or just believe you can do it better than the competition. Maybe even a better work-life balance. But it’s not happening.

At the Cove, we show you how to free up your time. We go back to the business basics and make sure you have set yourself up for the success you deserve by making sure you’ve got a strong foundation in place.

Ready to get started?

Hi, I’m Helen

I’m passionate about helping small businesses reach their full potential.

For over 20 years, I’ve supported organisations, across a diverse range of industries, to improve their business performance and deliver business transformation; establishing the core foundations on which to achieve sustainable growth. I’ve worked with ambitious SMEs, FTSE 100 businesses and household names including Siemens, GE, Hallmark, and Virgin Media.

All of my experience has brought me back to one important fact—strong businesses are built from strong foundations.

By focusing on the core business fundamentals, including planning and efficient operations, I enable small business owners to step out of the weeds and put in place the people, processes, and systems that make the big difference.

Here’s How We Can Help

Our focus is to ensure that you can grow your business effectively, while removing/avoiding any uneccesary struggles and stresses while you are on your journey.

Next Level Membership

Helping you to identify the next steps towards the success of your business.

1:1 Consultation

Creating personalized and effective strategies for your business solutions.

Our Success Pathway

Our Success Pathway provides a roadmap that guides you through 5 key stages of progression to achieve sustainable success in your business. We’ll help you identify the stage you’re at currently, and what you need to do to advance to the next level.

We don’t just want you to succeed – we want you to thrive!

At Cove Enterprise Hub we’re committed to providing support, practical tools, and guidance to ambitious business owners so they can cut through the clutter of day-to-day running their business and free themselves from the burden that is keeping them tied down.

Join the Cove Community and journey forward with clarity and confidence to achieve your personal vision of success.


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